Student Work Gallery

We created this page to feature student projects during remote learning – 4th quarter, Spring 2020. 

TA Students: Send photos of your awesome work created at home to Patty McIlvaine, so that we can feature your creativity, ingenuity, innovation, hard work, and academic learning. Might be a project or assignment for a class – could also be something you are doing as part of a personal hobby or family pursuit during our national stay-at-home spring.

Foods Around the World

Design Tech – Simple Machines

Design Tech students learned about the six simple machines: the inclined plane, lever, wedge, wheel and axle, pulley, and screw. Then they created their own!

Design Tech – Jewelry Making

Expressive Art and Printmaking – A Tree as a Metaphor

English 8 – Independent Novel Project


Student Journal: Elle Dixon ’20

I still haven’t processed the fact the I will never have another day at TA, the place where I grew to be who I am today. It hurts my heart to know that that Tuesday was it. That my junior track season would be my last track season. My heart hurts to know that I […]

Reflecting on the Thetford Outdoor Program

by Ethan Marshia It seems like it was just yesterday that we all ventured out on our first journey together. Entering the portal to a seemingly otherworldly dimension. I was just a mere fledgling. This class has given me everything I could have imagined and more. It has allowed me to see the forest through […]

Design Tech – Toy Cars

Design Tech students were tasked with designing toy cars. The car had to be self-propelled for at least 10 feet with a payload of at least 12 oz. Students used various parts from recycled plastic and cardboard to whatever they could find.

Environmental Studies – Andy Goldsworthy-Inspired Art

Biology – #cellphies

Math – Fractals

Environmental Studies – Maple Sugaring

Students in TA’s Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education class made this video to share their learning about the art and science of maple sugaring.