Engineering & Technology Courses


Robots are machines that do the things computer programs tell them to do. There are many kinds of robots, and in this course students begin with a simple $100 robot, Sphero, a ball with a robot trapped inside of it. How do robots work? To answer that, students will try building a more mechanical robot, […]

Middle School Digital Literacy

In Digital Literacy, students explore what it means to be a digital citizen, expand their understanding of how digital networks and computers operate, and practice using digital tools to learn and create. The class is designed to help students become capable and thoughtful users of technology. Students will find out how long it takes a […]

Introduction to Computer Science

Computer Science drives much of the 21st century economy, from the software running on your phone when you text your friend, to the programs that help your car’s fuel economy and stability, to programs that decide what to suggest you buy when you visit How do they work? How can you write your own […]

Internet and Society

Through an exploration of issues such as digital piracy, online privacy, hacking, fake news, lolcats, and viral videos, students will examine what it means to live in the internet age. Students in this course will develop critical thinking skills alongside digital and information literacy skills and have the freedom to study subjects that interest them, […]


Hackers are working 24/7 to get your data. They want your bank accounts, your passwords, they want access to your computer and your network. They bankrupt companies and get employees fired. They try to change the results of national elections. They want to shut down power grids. It’s a war out there, and cybersecurity experts […]

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