Siobhan Lopez

Dean of Students

Siobhan Lopez joined TA as Dean of Students in 2016, bringing a broad range of experience working with at-risk youth and families to increase well-being and positive functioning. She has held counseling and social work positions in homes, schools, courts, and in the community. Most recently, Siobhan has focused her work on helping teens identify and use their strengths to benefit positive development.

Siobhan has a bachelor’s degree in social work from Marquette University, and a Masters of Science in mental health counseling from New England College.

At TA, Siobhan loves meeting and getting to know kids and seeing them recognize their own successes. She “appreciate(s) the open and welcoming attitude of staff and students—to me and to each other, to new ideas and different perspectives.”

Siobhan and her family live in Strafford and all three of her sons attended Thetford Academy. She is “happy to have found a way to continue my connection to the school community.”

“Consider that the mind is capable of an endless growth.”—Asa Burton, one of the founders, urging citizens of Thetford to establish TA in 1819
We set high expectations. We challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.
Our mission is to celebrate the unique worth of all students, to nurture their strengths, and to challenge them to fulfill their potential.