Luke Teschner


Luke Teschner comes to Thetford Academy by way of Windsor High School. His prior teaching experience includes working in Mauritania, West Africa, and the Appalachian Mountain Club High Huts department. A graduate with both a BA and MAT from Ithaca College, Luke majored in social studies education and minored in math.

“The students at TA are enthusiastic about learning and are very respectful and polite,” Luke notes. The school provides teachers and learners “with a tight-knit community where everyone is known and everyone can feel at home.”

When not teaching, Luke enjoys Nordic and Alpine skiing, running, and reading.



“Consider that the mind is capable of an endless growth.”—Asa Burton, one of the founders, urging citizens of Thetford to establish TA in 1819
We set high expectations. We challenge all members of the school community to reach their highest potential.
Our mission is to celebrate the unique worth of all students, to nurture their strengths, and to challenge them to fulfill their potential.