Kelly Welsh

Social Studies

Kelly Welsh took a non-traditional path to the education field, but in all of her work, her focus has been on advocating for children. After earning her BA in psychology from Vassar, Kelly worked for Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Trenton, NJ, as a fundraiser, event planner, and educator, going on to do similar work at the Epilepsy Foundation of Philadelphia.

Kelly then earned a law degree, graduating from Rutgers University School of Law in 1989, and practiced for nearly 10 years. Her legal career ranged from working at Philadelphia’s largest firm to solo practice in Vermont, and included criminal defense, prosecution, and juvenile work. “In all of these jobs, I found the work I did with or on behalf of kids to be the most gratifying, and all of this ultimately led to the decision to become a teacher.”

When she earned her teaching certification from the Upper Valley Educators Institute in secondary social studies and English in 2008, Kelly joined Thetford Academy. “I love the sense of history and tradition at TA. But I also appreciate that as a teacher, I have the freedom to be creative in my classes and in my curriculum. So I think that TA melds respect for tradition with an openness to creativity and new ideas in a very special way.”

Kelly lives in Thetford Center with her husband, Peter. Her blended family includes five amazing kids, two of whom (Rozy and Toria) are TA grads.

“Consider that the mind is capable of an endless growth.”—Asa Burton, one of the founders, urging citizens of Thetford to establish TA in 1819
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