Emily Silver, English

Emily Silver


Emily grew up in Port Washington, NY, on Long Island, where she attended public high school. From there she attended Dartmouth—majoring first in English, then shifting to studio art. She earned a Master of Arts in teaching degree from Boston College with a concentration in English. Before joining the Academy faculty in 2000, Emily taught in Lexington, Kentucky; Chicago, Illinois; Tucson, Arizona; Woodstock, Vermont; and Methuen, Massachusetts. She continues her studies in periodic workshops at Bard College’s Institute for Writing and Thinking.

In 2003, Emily began coaching cross country and track and field here at TA. “There is nothing like the feeling of watching an athlete find the strength she didn’t know she had to hold off a runner coming from behind. It never gets old.” What she finds most gratifying as an English teacher is that point when students tap into their ideas and find ways to articulate them. Then her feeling is: “Yes! I knew you had it in you.”

“Teaching English was made for me,” says Emily Silver. “I crave the intellectual, the artistic, and the practical. In teaching English, I get to be immersed in each. The mix is ideal,” she says. “My job deals with the beauty and power of language and the practicality of helping students write sentences free of comma splices.”

Emily and her family live in Post Mills.

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