Blendon Salls

Director of Athletics

Blendon Salls has served as Thetford Academy’s Athletic Director since 2016, returning to TA after coaching the varsity boys basketball team in the 2013-2014 season.

Blendon, a standout athlete and graduate of Lebanon High School, has been director and coach for the Longhorns Basketball Club since 2010. In that capacity, he has recruited, motivated, and trained student athletes; organized games and practices; spearheaded fundraising; coordinated scheduling and facility use; developed fitness programs; established and enforced sportsmanship standards, rules, and expectations; and managed financial and insurance records.

Blendon has over a decade of coaching experience in basketball, baseball and soccer. Blendon is recognized by both Lebanon High School and CCBA for his leadership skills and organizational and coaching abilities. He lives in Lebanon with his wife, and three children.

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