All students at Thetford Academy are invited to study languages other than English. Thetford Academy strongly encourages college-bound students to take at least three courses of the same language in high school; four or five courses are preferred. The primary goal of our language program is for students to develop linguistic proficiency and cultural sensitivity.

By interweaving language and culture, the program seeks to broaden students’ communication skills while deepening their appreciation of other cultures. The language program adheres to the National Standards for Foreign Language pertaining to the 5 Cs: communication, cultures, connection, comparisons, and communities.

Language Faculty

Dana Brettell, Spanish

Dana Brettell


Humanities | Language

Jane Chambers, French Spanish

Jane Chambers

French and Spanish

Humanities | Language

Susan Essex Luce

Humanities | Language

Karen Heinzmann

French and Math

Humanities, STEM | Language, Mathematics

Hannah Sobel


Humanities | Language

Language Courses