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Spanish III

This course continues the work accomplished in Spanish II, including a complete review and expansion of the most important concepts. However, this level is taught mostly in Spanish (with the exception of some grammatical explanations). Spanish III involves intensive work on the development of fluid speaking, listening, reading, and writing. In addition to text activities, […]

Spanish II

This course begins with an intensive review of Spanish I. Methods are much the same as in level I; however, more of the course is conducted in Spanish as students continue to develop the ability to understand, speak, read, and write. Oral work is stressed and self-initiated conversation is encouraged. Students will be prompted to […]

Spanish I

This course is an introduction to the study of Spanish and the hispanohablante world and helps students establish a solid foundation for more advanced study, travel, and intercultural communication. The number of Spanish speakers in this country is rapidly increasing; therefore, there is both academic and practical purpose in pursuing Spanish. Students will be engaged […]

French III

French III begins with review and expansion of the most important concepts from French II. There is an emphasis on vocabulary development and oral and written self-expression. The class will be conducted entirely in French, as students focus on improving their listening comprehension and developing the ability to express themselves fluidly in French. Activities are […]

French II

In French II, students will improve their proficiency in listening, reading, speaking, and writing as they expand their vocabulary, gain increasing confidence and facility with the language, and deepen their understanding of French grammar. There is an intensive review of the key grammatical concepts and vocabulary from French I at the beginning of the course. […]

French I – A and B • Spanish I – A and B

Thetford Academy offers French I and Spanish I as a two-year program in the middle school. Students may start language studies as 7th graders and continue in 8th grade, covering the equivalent of a French I or Spanish I course in two full years of study. Students will need to complete both years successfully in […]

French I

This course is an introduction to the study of French and the francophone world. Students will establish a solid foundation for more advanced study as they develop the tools necessary to communicate in French about a variety of topics drawn from their daily lives. They will gain proficiency in each of the four areas necessary […]

Advanced Spanish IV and V-Honors Course

This course is designed to provide an active and rewarding experience as students continue to strengthen language competency and cultural awareness. Students interpret and respond to a broad selection of contemporary and classic literature and film. Complements to selected texts include magazine and newspaper selections, short stories, plays, auditory programs, internet activities, podcasts, YouTube videos, […]

Advanced French IV and V – Honors Course

In French IV and V, students explore childhood and growing up by reading Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic, Le Petit Prince. Historical and cultural areas of study will be related to this seminal work and to the life and times of its author. In addition, the instructor focuses on selected grammatical topics appropriate to advanced-level communication, […]

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