English Courses

World Literature

World Literature gives students an opportunity to expand their global cultural awareness by examining literary perspectives and traditions through the work of non-American writers. This provides opportunities for dynamic discussion and a deeper understanding of other cultures. We will explore questions such as: How does where we come from impact who we are or who […]

American Literature – Honors Course

The primary goal of American Literature at Thetford Academy is for students to develop their abilities as writers and independent critical readers. In this college-level course, seniors read and study selections from some of the best writings of American and world literature—books, plays, poetry, and short stories that are often called “classics.” The writing component […]

Literary Adaptations

This English elective explores the relationship between literature and movies by focusing on adaptations of literary fiction, mainly short stories. The transformation from text to film raises many interesting questions which students will explore through study of the original stories, viewing their adaptations, and participating in class discussions and weekly blog assignments. As a culminating […]

Human Nature in Literature – Honors Course

Because students in this course read literature with challenging, unconventional structures, and because they push beyond their current achievements when they write about this literature, the subtitle of this course is “Breaking Boundaries.” The writing focus is on responses to text, specifically clarity of purpose. Students work on choosing apt quotes as evidence as well […]

ESOL II – English for Speakers of Other Languages II

This course is an extension of the skills learned in ESOL I. It focuses on syntax, continued vocabulary development, reading, listening comprehension, speaking and pronunciation skills, and writing multiple-paragraph compositions that demonstrate organization of ideas, use of a thesis statement, and supportive elements. Intensive grammar instruction is emphasized to support academic writing skills. This course […]

ESOL I – English for Speakers of Other Languages I

This course introduces students to basic structures and vocabulary of the English language by enhancing their skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students learn strategies in order to advance their reading, listening, and pronunciation skills. They expand oral comprehensibility and write complete sentences, standard paragraphs, and short content-based essays. They utilize level-appropriate conventions of […]

Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education

Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education is a half-day, interdisciplinary course covering a wide range of important environmental topics. The course takes advantage of Thetford Academy’s vast natural resources to engage students in hands-on, outdoor learning and scientific exploration. Students in the course will develop strong ecologic literacy and an understanding of their role in–and connection […]

English 9

English 9 is designed to strengthen students’ academic literacy—the skills of reading, writing, and reflection that are essential to success in high school. Participating in the course’s literate community and sharing ideas and work with others helps students develop both expressive and collaborative skills. Students explore themes of coming of age, respecting differences, human dignity, […]

English 8

This course emphasizes skill development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening—all essential tools for communication. Students do this as they study a variety of both fiction and non-fiction literature, including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, and personal essays. Over the course of the year, students engage in reading and writing workshops, several interdisciplinary units, and […]

English 7

The goal of English 7 is to meet standards of participation in a literate community by talking about books, ideas, and writing. Students accomplish this through reading and writing workshops; in addition, they practice grammar and vocabulary skills. Discussions and writing assignments are designed to help students make connections between their own experiences and the […]

English 10: Identity & Voice

In English 10, students read the classics: Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, as well as contemporary plays, poems, independent reading, and Sandra Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street. In addition, students write responses to literature, personal essays, poetry, and vignettes. Students focus on developing […]

Creative Writing

For students who love literature and want to create their own, this course explores crafting poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and personal essays. For inspiration, students draw upon powerful texts old and new, art, music, and nature, as well as workshops led by local authors. Students frequently read their work aloud to each other during class. […]

Composition for College and Career

This course strengthens students’ everyday writing and vocabulary skills. It aims to make the study of grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary relevant to their lives. Students write a short paper each week on a topic that is meaningful to them, and through consistent practice, revision, games, activities, and weekly quizzes, they get better and better at […]

Civil Rights Literature

The class explores the history of what is often called the “Classic Civil Rights Movement” by examining the literature of that period, as well as the literature about that period that has been published more recently. Course texts include a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, including (but not limited to) speeches, poetry, novels, short […]