In the English Department, students work to achieve competence and aim for excellence in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, studying, reasoning, participating in literate communities, and establishing enduring human values.

The English Department offers a variety of courses. Core English courses for students in grades seven through ten are grouped heterogeneously. Juniors and seniors have a range of electives from which to choose, but they are required to take at least one credit of English per year. Students with an exceptional interest in reading and writing are urged to take additional courses beyond their required core English program.

English Faculty

Ray Chapin, English Drama

Ray Chapin

English and Drama

Arts, Humanities | Drama, English

Joseph Deffner, English

Joe Deffner


Humanities | English

Abby MacGregor

Experiential, Humanities | English, Outdoor Education

Emily Silver, English

Emily Silver


Humanities | English

English Courses