Experiential | Student Publications
Grade: 9-12
Credits: 1/2 or 1

The Yearbook class meets for a half block period every day for one semester. During this course, students will learn to create and publish a yearbook. Students in the class learn fundamentals of layout and design, photography, journalistic writing, and copy editing. The course requires students to work independently a significant portion of the time. Students will learn how to take initiative and to work productively on their own during this course.
Each student will have access to a computer during class time. The yearbook program, Picaboo, can be accessed online and each student will be assigned his or her own log-in and password to access the program. The majority of work will be done during class time, however students will be expected to do some work outside of class in order to meet deadlines. The objective of Yearbook is to create a high quality yearbook publication to be distributed to the student body. The yearbook should represent the entire student body and the school year equally, respectfully, and accurately. At the conclusion of the course, yearbook students should have a good understanding of yearbook creation skills.


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