World History 1900 through Today - Honors Option

Humanities | Social Studies
Social Studies Required
Grade: 11-12 (Required)
Credits: 1

The society in which we live is a direct result of
20th-century events, both in the U.S. and across the world. This course reviews important domestic and international developments and events since 1900, and approaches the 20th century through the themes of communism versus capitalism, genocide, colonialism, war, human rights, and globalization. Students will learn to analyze the causes and effects of important events and developments; compare, contrast, and evaluate conflicting interpretations of historical events; display knowledge of worldwide current events and their impact on the U.S.; write in a variety of styles; and will complete a culminating research paper and oral presentation.

Note: World History 1900 through Today is required, and it should be taken in the junior year.


Kelly Welsh
Social Studies
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