Spanish I

Humanities | World Languages
Spanish Program
Grade: 9-12
Credits: 1

This course is an introduction to the study of Spanish and the hispanohablante world and helps students establish a solid foundation for more advanced study, travel, and intercultural communication. The number of Spanish speakers in this country is rapidly increasing; therefore, there is both academic and practical purpose in pursuing Spanish. Students will be engaged in a variety of active methods that will contribute to the development of skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Oral drills, pair and group work, total physical response (TPR) exercises, written and oral exercises, games, music, dialogues, multimedia projects, and other activities are all components of the Spanish program. This course explores a wide variety of cultural topics, with an emphasis on the daily lives of young people. An additional feature of this course is the exploration of the history of Mexico and the Mexican muralists.


Dana Brettell
Jane Chambers, French Spanish
Private: Jane Chambers
French and Spanish
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