Middle School Art

Arts | Visual Arts
Grade: 7-8

In grade 7, students will create artwork in conjunction with an informal introduction to art theory and its associated vocabulary, as well as art materials and skill building. Projects such as color wheels, posters, and brain-teasing designs will allow students to put theories into use. Projects may include printmaking, sculpture, and themes that take into account the time of year. Projects in all seasons will make use of the students’ imaginations.

In grade 8, students paint landscapes and posters, sculpt in clay or papier maché, and draw from observation and imagination. Using the perspective and shading techniques introduced in the classroom, students will learn how to give a sense of three dimensions or depth to their paintings and drawings. Students will draw figures from life using each other as models and create multi-media compositions based on the drawings. Using architecture as a theme, they will explore the rules of linear perspective in imaginative ways. There is no homework, but looking at the world with an artist’s eye after the final bell rings will be encouraged.


Karyn Neubauer, Arts
Karyn Neubauer
Visual Art and Yoga
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