Independent Course Study

Experiential | Independent Learning
Grade: 11-12
Credits: up to 1

Students may choose Independent Course Study when they want to independently study a topic that is offered in the regular Thetford Academy curriculum. They may choose this option only when they cannot take a Thetford Academy course at the scheduled time but wish to study the same material and follow the class syllabus.
The student must first meet with his or her school counselor. The student is required to make a written request outlining the need to complete this course outside of the regularly scheduled time. This request must be submitted thirty days in advance. Teacher permission is required, followed by approval from the Dean of Academics and the Director of Counseling Services.
If the request is approved, it will lead to an Individual Learning Contract; this contract will specify the work, schedule, and evaluation system for the Independent Course. It is strongly recommended that students who wish to pursue this option complete at least one Challenge Course before attempting Independent Course Study.

Prerequisite: Permission of the Dean of Academics and the Director of Counseling Services.

Prerequisite: Permission of Dean of Academics and the Director of Counseling Services


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