Human Nature in Literature – Honors Course

Humanities | English
English Elective
Grade: 11-12
Credits: 1

Because students in this course read literature with challenging, unconventional structures, and because they push beyond their current achievements when they write about this literature, the subtitle of this course is
“Breaking Boundaries.” The writing focus is on responses to text, specifically clarity of purpose. Students work on choosing apt quotes as evidence as well as crafting dynamic introductions and solid conclusions. This will prepare students for Senior English, college applications, college courses, and…life! After all, being able to make an argument backed up by relevant evidence is a useful skill.

In addition, students write poetry and creative non-fiction. Vocabulary study is a weekly component of the course, and students also take an in-depth look at how grammar affects writing style and voice. Reading may include works of literature such as Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice, as well as independent reading choices.


Emily Silver, English
Emily Silver
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