French I

Humanities | World Languages
French Program
Grade: 9-12
Credits: 1

This course is an introduction to the study of French and the francophone world. Students will establish a solid foundation for more advanced study as they develop the tools necessary to communicate in French about a variety of topics drawn from their daily lives. They will gain proficiency in each of the four areas necessary for really learning a second language—listening, reading, speaking and writing—as they acquire basic vocabulary and begin to develop an understanding of the way French works.
Oral drills, pair and group work, total physical response (TPR), silent writing, games, songs, dialogues, and other activities are all components of the class. All languages exist within a broader cultural context, and an equally important objective of the course is for students to better understand French speakers and cultures around the world.


Karen Heinzmann
French and Math
Dana Brettell
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