Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education

Experiential | Outdoor Education
Grade: 9-12
Credits: 2-4

Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education is a half-day, interdisciplinary course covering a wide range of important environmental topics. The course takes advantage of Thetford Academy’s vast natural resources to engage students in hands-on, outdoor learning and scientific exploration. Students in the course will develop strong ecologic literacy and an understanding of their role in–and connection to–the natural world.
Students in Environmental Studies will use field experiments and independent study to take a deeper look at the natural history, ecology, and biologic processes of our local, regional, and global environment.
Note: The course involves embedded work in English and Science over two semesters (four blocks). Students will earn two Science credits, one English credit, and one elective credit. Students can enroll for one semester and receive one Science credit, one-half English credit, and one-half elective credit. Sophomore students who enroll for the whole school year will receive Biology credit.


Scott Ellis
Coordinator of Thetford Outdoor Program
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