Celebrating the Class of 2020!

TA Faculty Letter Series for the Class of 2020

Letters to Seniors: John Brown

Dear Thetford Academy Class of 2020, Although I have not been one of your educators, coaches or mentors, my work here at TA has offered me the opportunity to watch each and every one of you grow and develop into the fine young adults you have become through your performances, athletics, Founders Day, ODW and […]

Letters to Seniors: Becky Sarazin

Dear Thetford Academy Senior Class, To say that the final months of your senior year have been a whirlwind, is an understatement. It certainly is not the way I expected it to end for any of us-but here we are. I wasn’t sure how to write this letter and what really to say to all […]

Letters to Seniors: Greg Mellinger

Dear class of 2020, Congratulations on reaching this milestone.  It may not feel or look like any important moment that has come before in your lives but it is here for you nonetheless.  Everyone at Thetford Academy is very proud of you.  There is so much that you have accomplished, athletic successes, music performances, academic […]

Letters to Seniors: Karyn Neubauer

Dear Class of 2020, During this time of quarantine and Coronavirus, you, the class of 2020, possibly more than any graduating class before you, know that the future is unknown. Yet as students, you’ve been here before. Many times you opened the book, picked up the paintbrush or the musical instrument, stepped out onto center […]

Letters to Seniors: Michael Mann

Dear Seniors, This year reveals in the starkest way that nothing is permanent, that our lives are only somewhat under our control, that we must bend in the wind or risk breaking. This experience will make poets out of some of you; others will become filmmakers and musicians; others novelists. Some of you will go […]

Letters to Seniors: Dana Brettell

Dear Seniors of the class of 2020, Just to say that you were a member of the class of 2020 sounds really cool and something that may always have its own special ring. Conversely, on those future occasions when you tell someone that you graduated in 2020, you may hear a sigh, an “oh, that […]

Letter to Seniors: Casey Huling

Congratulations to the members of the Class of 2020, You have used your creative energy and boundless enthusiasm to push through this very challenging experience to graduate high school!. (The last few months certainly give new meaning to the term Senioritis!) You should be very proud of your many accomplishments from when we were all […]

Letter to Seniors: Deb Sanders Dame

Dear TA Class of 2020: This is the time of year when we would be discussing where you are heading and what your summer plans are but of course we are not able to do that in the traditional manner. It is also when we, teachers, hear that you are surprised at how fast it […]

Letter to Seniors: John Luce

Dear Thetford Academy Class of 2020,  Congratulations on finishing your senior year under such trying circumstances. And you thought climbing Moosilauke in September was tough?!  Your class will go down in history as one which overcame huge obstacles. I also want to thank you for welcoming me and my family to TA. I left the […]

Letter to Seniors: Jesse Soulia

Dear Thetford Academy Class of 2020, As we embark on a major milestone for you all, in a format that is not what any of us wished for or even imagined, please know I am so very honored to have worked with so many of you over the years. Some of you who came to […]

Letter to Seniors: Derek Burkins

Dear TA Class of 2020, In the photo above, I was just about to graduate from high school, much as you are now.  I think I was there to have my photo taken for graduation or yearbook or something, and it was already hot outside, probably in late May.  So, I was wearing a coat, […]

Letter to Seniors: Luke Teschner

Dear Class of 2020, It has been an absolute pleasure to witness your growth from eight and ninth graders to the young adults that you are today. The performances, Founders’ Days, end of year celebrations, all of the talent, humor, creativity and athleticism collectively all make you the exceptional group that you are! I remember […]

Letter to Seniors: Siobhan Lopez

Dear Seniors,  I’m writing the first of what will be regular letters from some of the people at Thetford Academy who care about you.  So many of us have wished we could let you know that we’re thinking about you and worrying that you might think you are forgotten in the midst of Quarantime (that’s Casey’s […]

Alternative Graduation Ceremony for 2020

Our plan for graduation this year is designed to incorporate our TA traditions, input from the Class of 2020, safety precautions for all, and adherence to Vermont State guidance.

Friday, June 12 – Graduation, Part I

5:30 Graduation Speeches & Performances (streamed via Facebook Live and YouTube, experienced in one’s home)

7:30 Car Parade through the Town of Thetford (exact route and participation details forthcoming).

Saturday, June 13 – Graduation, Part II

Individual Diploma Ceremonies on the TA Campus

Each senior will have a designated time to be honored and receive their diploma on a staged area on the TA quad. Families will attend and observe by car, while parked in front of Anderson Hall. Ceremonies will take place throughout the day, from approximately 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Family cars will line up and flow through the TA parking lot, exiting after their student’s ceremony through the circle. More details and specific time slots coming soon.

Additional information:

  • Caps and gowns are on their way to TA. Siobhan and Gloria will be in touch with pick-up instructions. We are not charging families for caps and gowns this year, so there will be no exchange of money at pick up.
  • Class Day will be a live-streamed event via Facebook Live on Friday, June 12. Awards and honors for seniors will be announced during Class Day and will be delivered with diplomas.

We know graduation this year will not be anything like we imagined it back in September – or in February, for that matter – but we hope it will create memories, celebrate each of you and your class, and appropriately mark the important occasion and accomplishment of graduation.

Thank you to Dean of Students Siobhan Lopez and the TA Graduation Committee for their work with event planning and logistics. Thank you, Parents and Seniors, for your volunteer efforts on behalf of the Class of 2020 throughout the year and especially during this remarkable and challenging spring; of special note – the beautiful display of senior photos on the Thetford Hill Green (featured at the top of this page).