Visual Arts Courses


The painting class is designed for students wanting a more focused exploration into traditional painting techniques, as well as more thinking outside the rectangle. Painting class challenges students to combine technical skills with experimentation to develop their visual voice. Emphasis is on the technical qualities of various painting media, (acrylic, watercolor, pastel), as well as […]

Middle School Art

In grade 7, students will create artwork in conjunction with an informal introduction to art theory and its associated vocabulary, as well as art materials and skill building. Projects such as color wheels, posters, and brain-teasing designs will allow students to put theories into use. Projects may include printmaking, sculpture, and themes that take into […]

Expressive Drawing and Printmaking

Using various drawing media such as pencil, charcoal, ink, and non-traditional materials, this semester-long course explores in depth the possibilities of mark-making as personal expression. Emphasizing skill development through accurate drawing from observation, students will focus on still life, figures, and self-portraiture. Students will also use their honed skills for drawing from the imagination and […]

Ceramics: Hand Building and Wheel Throwing

This course introduces students to working in three dimensions through the medium of clay. Students will learn hand building and wheel throwing techniques in creating both functional and sculptural pieces, including coil, slab, pinch, and working on the wheel. Surface carving and decoration will also be explored, as well as texture and color through the […]

Advanced Art and Independent Art

The Advanced Art course is designed for the serious and self-motivated art student. Students develop a series of independent works based on a concentrated area of study such as pottery, acrylic painting, printmaking, or other media the student chooses to explore in depth. Students are encouraged to explore and experiment with different themes and media, […]