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John Luce

Drama and Choral Teacher

Arts | Drama, Music

Gregory Mellinger, Arts

Gregory Mellinger

Instrumental Music Teacher

Arts | Music

Music is a form of aural expression whose impact upon us can be instantly and profoundly experienced. It reaches across time and influences us regardless of our differences. Recognizing that music is an effective communicator, provides great joy to both performer and listener, and brings people together, the Thetford Academy Music Department ensures that students:

  • Learn to use music to express what they understand and experience about their world, and to realize and respect what others have said about theirs;
  • Recognize that working together in a cooperative, caring atmosphere fosters positive results;
  • Develop an awareness of the musical concepts of pitch, melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, timbre, and form through participation in various performing ensembles, private and small group lessons, and general music activities;
  • Take responsibility for attending class regularly and arriving ready to work, as attendance, work attitude, effort, and commitment are important to achieving the best possible product.

All music classes are semester-long. Under extenuating circumstances, qualified students may join classes for the 2nd or 4th quarter with permission from the instructor. Participating in only the 1st or 3rd quarter is not permitted.

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