Design Technology Courses

Timber Framing

Students collaborate to design a timber-framed structure, complete with a scale model, site plan, engineering calculations, brief environmental impact statement, timeline, and budget. They then cut the frame in the workshop, raise the frame on site, and contribute towards the completion of the structure. Readings, math work, and other traditional assignments supplement the hands-on learning. […]

Middle School Design Technology

This course introduces students to basic woodworking techniques, wire jewelry making, and wood turning. Emphasis is on the proper use of hand tools, principles of design, appreciation for fine craftsmanship, and shop safety. Students learn to use SketchUp as a three-dimensional design software, and use computer numeric controlled machines to embellish their work. Student projects […]

Design Technology II

This course is designed for those students who want to pursue additional studies in one or more areas of design technology. Students are required to utilize computer aided design and manufacturing when appropriate. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Design Tech I with a minimum grade of B and demonstration of ability to work safely in the […]

Design Technology I: Technology for the 21st Century

This course is designed for beginning Design Tech students who may or may not have any previous experience in Design Tech. The course helps students gain knowledge and skill using a variety of hand tools and power machinery including the table saw, surface planer, wood lathe, and welding equipment. Students are also introduced to the […]

Computer Graphic Design

This course introduces students to computer graphic design, emphasizing the funda-mental elements and principles of design and following the National Standards for the Arts. Engaging in the design process, students learn to interpret a design brief, prepare sketches and initial drafts, incorporate client feedback, and follow through with a finished project. Students are introduced to […]

Advanced Design Tech

This course is for serious and self-motivated students who have completed Design Tech II and wish to concentrate on a major project or a series of related projects. Students must present their design proposals to the instructor prior to enrollment. Projects should be driven by student interest and a real-world application with appropriate complexity and […]

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