Culinary Arts Courses


Pastries offers students the opportunity to create a variety of pastry shop delicacies including: éclairs, napoleons, palmiers, croissants, Danish pastries, tarts, tortes, artisan cakes, and cookies. Students will learn the secrets of flaky and buttery crusts, rich and creamy fillings, and light, airy pate à choux. This course introduces the techniques for cutting and folding […]

Meal Planning and Preparation

Meal Planning and Preparation offers students opportunities to develop cooking know-how. Students will practice standard cooking methods and be introduced to more advanced culinary techniques. We will cook two or three times each week. The textbook, Guide to Good Food, will support the class with basic cooking methods, techniques, common dilemmas, and best practice. Meal […]

Introduction to Cooking

Introduction to Cooking is a middle school elective designed for hands-on learning. Standard cooking procedures, vocabulary, and measurements are fundamentals that are practiced while cooking. A variety of recipes including simple entrées, breakfast foods, and desserts are selected weekly as students gain skill and efficiency. Safety and sanitation skills are stressed throughout the course.

Foods Around the World

Trying new foods with unfamiliar flavors is an adventure in Foods Around the World. Students in this class will select recipes from foreign countries to cook and share with classmates. At the same time, students will be introduced to basic and intermediate cooking procedures, cooking vocabulary, and measurements. Cooking labs will develop culinary skills through […]

Cooking for Health

Cooking for Health focuses on both cooking skills and a healthy diet. Food selection and planning a healthy diet will be stressed. Students will plan and prepare meals with a variety of food groups using the My Plate Food Guide. In addition, students will study aspects of the USDA Food Nutrition Label to deduce and […]