As our program is intentionally small, admission is competitive. Thetford Academy seeks students who are highly motivated to live and learn in the United States. Most students wish to stay through graduation and attend a competitive American college or university. Some students choose to complete a one-year program and return to their country to complete their high school education.

All students must present academic credentials that provide clear evidence that they are capable of being successful in a competitive college-bound curriculum and are ready to live independently from their families and country. We look for students who have demonstrated a clear desire to live and learn about other people and who are ready to share their customs and culture with people from other countries.

International Student Application Requirements in PDF.

International Student Application Requirements

Item Timeline
1.Online Application Form Submit as soon as possible after November 1st
2. Additional Documents Mail, fax, or email as soon as possible after your online application is submitted.
 International Application Essays

  • Have you ever studied abroad or lived away from your family? If so, please tell us more. Also, please tell us about any other international travel experience (150 words or less)
  • Thetford Academy seeks students who will benefit from and contribute to the educational program at our school. We are interested in students who want to try hard, help others, and join a respectful learning community. We believe in five fundamental principles: excellence, commitment, cooperation, diversity, and caring. In your words, please tell us what these principles mean to you (500 words or less).
Individual and Family Photographs (4-6 total)
  International Physical Examination Report

  • Part 1 completed by Parents of Applicant
  • Part 2 completed by Family Physician

** Please note that proof of United States Medical Insurance will be required upon enrollment.

 International Applicant Financial Statement documenting the ability to pay tuition and expenses for one year.
 TOEFL Test Results
 Signature Page
3. International Applicant Recommendation Forms

Referees must mail, fax, or email recommendations as soon as possible after online application is submitted.
4. Official School Transcripts Records must be sent directly from your current school to  Thetford Academy in a sealed envelope
All documents must be mailed, faxed, or emailed to:
Susan Essex Luce
International Student Program Coordinator
Thetford Academy
PO Box 190
Thetford, VT 05074 USA
Fax: 011-802-785-4805

Applications should be submitted as soon after November 1 as possible. Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. Once the application is reviewed, Thetford Academy will send you a notification regarding acceptance and a contract, if accepted.

For more information, please contact International Student Program Coordinator Susan Essex Luce at 802-785-4805, x 267.