Graduation Requirements

Courses provide the opportunity to acquire knowledge in varied fields of study. As students explore the content, concepts, and modes of thinking in multiple disciplines, they have the chance to cultivate their interests and develop the skills necessary to be successful lifelong learners. Students must earn a total of 26 credits for graduation. Course credits must be distributed as follows:

English – Credit: 4
English 9 and English 10 plus at least one English elective credit each year in grades 11 and 12

Mathematics  – Credit: 3

Social Studies – Credit: 3
The Making of Western Civilization, U.S. History to 1900, and World History 1900 through Today

Science – Credit: 3
Conceptual Physical Science, Biology, and one additional Science elective

Physical Education and Health – Credit: 2
PE 9 (1/2 credit), Health 9 (1/2 credit), and a total of one additional PE credit

Arts – Credit: 1
In any of the following: Art, Chorus, Band, Instrumental Music, Drama, Design Technology, or Musical Theater Production.

Students earn the right to a Thetford Academy diploma based on their academic performance. A diploma is awarded upon successful completion of all credits.