Advisory Program

The Advisory program has two goals: to ensure that every student is known well by at least one adult in the school each year, and to support students as they take responsibility for their learning. Advisory contributes to a school climate where students feel safe and connected and helps to foster an environment in which students can achieve personal, social/emotional, and academic success.

Most teachers serve as advisors, working with small groups of students who are all in the same grade. The Advisory period provides time for checking in, getting ready for the day’s work, and skill-building. Advisors help orient students and serve as their advocates, looking out for their needs and interests throughout the year. They are also a primary contact for parents and guardians.

Advisors help students develop their Personal Learning Plans for Growth (PLPs) and provide a forum in which they can reflect on their progress. Advisory groups also work on projects, plan activities, carry out community service, and serve as discussion forums for school-wide issues and decisions.