Academic Honors

Honors courses are offered in all core departments in the high school. Some courses, such as Senior English, Calculus, Advanced Biology, and Advanced French or Spanish, are available only in an honors format. Designed to challenge the most advanced learners, these courses prepare students for college-level work.

A number of courses, especially in Humanities, are offered with an embedded honors option. In these courses, students who choose to do so may complete a rigorous program of study supplementing the standard curriculum.

Juniors and seniors who complete the school’s curriculum in a subject area and excel in their work may be eligible to take additional courses for college credit at Dartmouth College while continuing to be enrolled at Thetford Academy. Of the 56 members of the Class of 2015, 18 percent took one or more courses at Dartmouth during their high school career. Dual enrollment options are also available.

Thetford Academy recognizes outstanding student achievement in several ways. Students in all grades may qualify for the quarterly Academic Honor Roll and the annual spring Honors Celebration. The school also participates in the National Merit Scholarship program and the annual University of Vermont Mathematics Competition.

All academic departments offer an Honors designation to graduating seniors who take a prescribed set of courses and achieve certain grades in those courses, as follows:

  • Art: Three credits; one course must be taken in the junior or senior year and one credit must be in Advanced Art; an A- average.
  • Design Technology: Three credits in Design Tech; one must be Design Tech I; two credits in Advanced Design Technology or Timber Framing; an A- average with no grade below B.
  • Drama: Three credits; one must be in the junior or senior year; no grade below an A-.
  • English: Three credits from among junior and senior course options; no grade below A-.
  • Language: Four levels of the same language; an A- average with no grade below B+.
  • Mathematics: Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus; final grade of B or better in each class.
  • Music: Three credits; one and one half credits must be earned in the junior and senior years; an A- average with no grade below B.
  • Physical Education: Two credits, including PE 9 (half credit), and three half credits from among PE 10-12, Sports Medicine, and Aerobic Fitness; an A- average.
  • Social Studies: Four credits in Social Studies; an A- average.
  • Science: Conceptual Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and one additional science elective; no grade below A-.