TA is recognized for its emphasis on hands-on, experiential, place-based learning through community service, the arts, and outdoor education. With more than 100 courses, TA’s curriculum is organized into four academic areas: Arts, Humanities, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and Experiential Learning. Career and technical programs are available through affiliation with regional centers. Independent learning is possible in any field; students are encouraged to pursue self-directed study. Support is also available, including library and study resources, counseling, and special education services through the Learning Center.

Thetford Academy teaches students to think critically and creatively, to problem-solve and innovate, and to approach the world with both curiosity and compassion. 


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses teach critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.


Every day, students in English, World Languages, and Social Studies build their skills and confidence in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 


Thetford Academy’s wide selection of courses in visual, performing, and practical arts are an essential component in the TA curriculum.

Experiential Learning

Thetford Academy provides students with high quality, meaningful experiential learning opportunities through classes in every academic department.


With its central location, light-filled space, and dramatic mountain views, Thetford Academy’s library is the hub of the school. The library houses more than 8,500 books, 30 magazine subscriptions, and boasts a multitude of digital resources, including subscription databases, ebooks, and digital authoring tools.

Special Education

The Learning Center at Thetford Academy is a suite of classrooms and office spaces dedicated to optimizing the learning experience for all TA students. Serving students with a wide range of exceptional learning needs, the Learning Center provides a collaborative, welcoming, and safe environment for students to receive special education services and individualized instruction.

Academic Information

Students at TA will need to become familiar with the graduation requirements, academic policies, and other information that will guide them through their time at TA. In addition to their core academics at TA, students have the option to supplement their classes with technical education at regional tech centers, honors electives and challenge courses, or […]