A Tree for Uncertain Times

A Tree for Uncertain Times

Expressive Drawing and Printmaking Assignment by Emily Trage, Class of 2020

This piece turned out to be very experimental. I used a medium I’ve never used before: concentrated watercolors. I did the painting on watercolor paper using only one brush. 

This tree is supposed to be a reflection of the current uncertainty regarding my future. The roots of the tree are firmly grounded, and the tree itself is strong.

Towards the top of the tree, the brown fades to green branches, symbolizing new growth during this time. There are some pink clouds obscuring the sunset view, showing that while the future is unclear, there is something beautiful waiting.

The tree doesn’t have many branches, which leaves room for it to grow many more as it ages. The butterfly and clumps of flowers on the tree are small symbols of hope.

The overall color scheme is bright and vibrant, which I feel represents the colorful nature of my creativity. 

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