The Brand New Low Ropes Course

The Brand New Low Ropes Course

By Louis Dybvig

Thetford Academy has a brand new low ropes course. Many of the elements were built by students in the Environmental Studies and Outdoor Education course. One element is called Nitro Swing. It has four small platforms arranged in a diamond shape and participants have to swing on a rope and land on the platforms. The platforms were made by two students in this class and I helped place them in the ground.

Each student in the class had their own job that they were in charge of. My job was roping out the boundaries of each of the elements. Other students had jobs like building a wall, making platforms, digging holes, and making trails. There was also a designated person for cutting boards, and another person in charge of keeping track of all of the tools.

A big thank you to High 5, who professionally installed the elements that included cables and large bolts. Without their help, Thetford Academy would not have been able to build a functional low ropes course. 

When future classes are out using the new low ropes course I will feel proud that people are enjoying our hard work. I can imagine walking into the field, looking around and seeing the fruits of our labor.  I hope people enjoy all the signs, the trails, the platforms and elements that my class worked so hard to complete. I’m proud of the work that we put into this project and I’m glad I got to be part of something that will make an impact on future students.