TA’s Track Team Running Up Records

TA’s Track Team Running Up Records

At Friday’s indoor track meet at Leverone Arena at Dartmouth College, TA athletes were on fire! They set new school records in the 600, hurdles, and 4 x 200 relay. And, TA senior Grace Davis set a new state record in the high jump. The details from Coach Charlie Buttrey:

  • In her first-ever race in the 600, Madi Powers ’22 set a new school record.
  • Kiran Black ’22 broke the oldest record in the book, dating back to 2008, in the 55 hurdles.
  • Grace Davis ’20 didn’t merely set a new school record in the high jump, she set a new state record.
  • And the boys 4 x 200 relay team (Knute Linehan ’21, Lucas Gilman ’21, Gus Byrne ’22 and Jason Wolstenholme ’20) set a new school record.

Friday’s results were a continuation of the Panthers’ outstanding performances on previous Sunday (also at Leverone Arena). At this meet the Panther Boys set school records in the 600, 1500, and 55-meter dash, with a dramatic near miss in the 3000. Abby Egner also came close to the school record in her first-ever 600. From Coach Buttrey:

  • Tad Darrah ’20 set the school record in the 600 and, later in the meet, missed the school record in the 3000 by 5/100’s of a second!
  • Tobin Durham ’22 earned a spot on the school record board in the 1500, with a second-best-ever performance.
  • In his first-ever 55-meter dash, Riley Burkins ’21 also earned a spot of the school record board, tying for the third-best-ever time in that event.
  • Running in her first-ever 600, Abby Egner ’23 missed making the school record board by less than a second.

Stay tuned for more outstanding results from upcoming meets.