Arts Night: TA’s Six Areas of Arts Will Dazzle the Senses

Arts Night: TA’s Six Areas of Arts Will Dazzle the Senses

Thetford Academy’s six areas of art will dazzle the five senses during the fourth annual Arts Night on Thursday, May 23.

Visual arts, design technology, drama, and culinary arts displays will be on hand at the TA café beginning at 5:30 p.m., with a choral music and instrumental music performance in the Martha Jane Rich Theater to follow at 6:30.

A gallery of student artworks—paintings, drawings, prints, and three-dimensional work—will fill the café walls, courtesy of Karyn Neubauer’s middle and high school classes.

Students from Jennifer Gernhard’s Foods Around the World class will serve savory hors d’oeuvres prior to the concert.  Students will showcase international cuisine such as Turkish böreks and köfte, Chinese dumplings,  Habachi favorites, and more.

Artworks created out of wood—including turned bowls, furniture, cutting boards, and timber framing models—will be on display, products of Chris Schmidt’s Design Technology and Timber Framing classes. A slideshow of Graphic Design class artworks will run beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Assembled by Ray Chapin and his predecessors, a photo gallery depicting dramatic and musical theater productions spanning the decades will adorn the hallway walls leading into the theater.

And to top it off, John Luce’s choral music students will perform songs to celebrate spring, with music by Mozart, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, and others. Greg Mellinger’s instrumental students will conclude the show with musical selections from multiple genres and across the ages.

Arts Night is open to everyone; there is no charge for the event.

The accompanying photos are from TA’s 2017 Arts Night.