An Arts Night to Remember

An Arts Night to Remember

The fourth annual Arts Night on Thursday, May 23, featured all six categories of art at Thetford Academy: art, design technology, drama, culinary arts, choral music, and instrumental music.

The café was transformed into a gallery displaying dozens of student 2-D and 3-D artworks created in Karyn Neubauer’s classes.

Tabletops were spread with culinary delights—from spanikopita to pastries—prepared by Jennifer Gernhard’s cooking classes.

Artworks created out of wood—including furniture, turned bowls, and a chess board—were also on display, products of Chris Schmidt’s Design Technology classes.

Finally, Ray Chapin’s theater students narrated the story of the One Act Play competition from the past winter, John Luce’s choral music students performed a number of songs from a variety of genres, and Greg Mellinger’s instrumental students shared music from across the ages, including a 30-minute medley of favorite tunes.