Dear TA community,

Dear TA community,

Friday, Feb. 8, is the 200th birthday of Thetford Academy.

Parent – Alumni – Staff – Community Event

The Big Bicentennial Event for parents, alumni, staff, community members, and friends of Thetford Academy is our Bicentennial Gala. The gala will take place in TA’s Vaughan Alumni Gymnasium beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 9, and will feature a cash bar, a catered dinner, live music, an archival photo exhibit, the release of a short film on TA’s history, two keynote speakers (Head of School Emeritus Martha Rich and TA Social Studies teacher Stacy Barton), and a festive atmosphere. Please register for the gala by Monday, Feb. 4, if at all possible. Click here to learn more about this event and order your tickets.  

Student Events

The Big Bicentennial Events for students will take place on Friday, Feb. 8, the precise anniversary of Thetford Academy’s founding (which occurred on Monday, Feb. 8, 1819). During Founders’ Day, our six classes will compete in games and activities on the theme of Thetford Academy History:

Lower Division

  • 7th grade – Notable Alumni at Thetford Academy
  • 8th grade – Thetford Academy during the Civil War

Middle Division

  • Freshman – All Things Cross Country at Thetford Academy
  • Sophomores – Thetford Academy’s Land and Buildings

Upper Division

  • Juniors – Great Fire of 1942
  • Seniors – Thetford Academy at 300 years

Student preparations for our 76th annual Founders’ Day will intensify this Monday, Feb. 4, with students working in committees to prepare skits, decorate cakes, make costumes and centerpieces, design murals and banners, and build and race floats, all of which incorporate the themes of TA history—winning points in division competitions along the way. Classes will also earn points by competing in various events around campus, including volleyball, tug of war, relays, and much more. Founders’ Day will conclude with a banquet for students, staff, and guests. 

Historic Marker

 During our Feb. 8 Founders’ Day festivities, a special dedication ceremony will take place at 12 noon on the location of Thetford Academy’s original campus, three buildings of which were destroyed by fire in 1942.  

Through the efforts and generosity of the Thetford Historical Society, the Thetford Academy Alumni Association, and Thetford Academy, an official Vermont Historic Marker—commissioned by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation—will be unveiled near the foundation wall of the school’s first building. This event, to take place in the open area between 113 and 151 Academy Road (near the Thetford Village Green and Open Fields School), is open to the public. A reception will follow at Latham Library.

Parents, alumni, and friends of the school who wish to observe Founders’ Day events are welcome. If you want to attend, please email me to let us know you’re coming. Note that the snow dates for Founders’ Day are Feb. 7 or 11.

Founders’ Night

Founders’ Night — for all TA students — will take place during the evening of Friday, Feb. 8 (snow date: Feb. 15), with dancing, music, laser tag, a photo booth, karaoke, board games, ping pong, and plenty of food, including popcorn, pizza, and fondue. It all starts with a bonfire at 6:30 p.m. Each year, this is the one event that nearly all TA students make every effort to attend.

Oldest Secondary School in Vermont

Thetford Academy — the oldest secondary school in Vermont— has a long and impressive history of serving students of all backgrounds and abilities. Enrolling both girls and boys since its founding, our school has long been committed to excellence, commitment, cooperation, caring, and diversity, and the school continues to strive to build, maintain, and promote a culture of equity and inclusion.

I hope to see you at our Bicentennial events Feb. 8 and 9!

Sincerely yours,

William Bugg, Head of School