Mountain Day

Established by Headmaster Fred Torrey in the early 1980's, Mountain Day takes place in September each year, on a day chosen for clear weather and -- if possible -- peak foliage. Instead of attending classes, the whole school goes hiking. By tradition, each grade has its "own" mountain, so that a student who spends six years at the Academy has a chance to climb all six peaks (all visible from the school itself, looking to the east over the Connecticut River Valley):

Seventh Grade

Mt. Cube

Sophomore Year

Cardigan Mountain

Eighth Grade

Black Mountain

Junior Year

Mt. Ascutney

Freshman Year

Smarts Mountain

Senior Year

Mt. Moosilauke


Alternative walks and climbs are also available for those who may not wish to complete a long hike. Students climb with the faculty who serve as advisors to their class, and each year parents and community members (even the occasional dog) join the hikes. On all trails, the established procedures emphasize safety and cooperation. The purpose is not to race, or even to get to the top - but to enjoy the company and the landscape.