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Robotics Team Rocks at Worlds, April 2015:


TA TEAM FINISHES IN TOP ONE PERCENT IN THE WORLD: Here is the final season report on Thetford Academy Robotics team 4886a. At the VEX High School Robotics World Championships in Louisville, KY, in April, the TA team finished within the top one percent. Five-year VEX robotics veteran, TA senior Matt Borst, along with junior Frank Zhu, who is new to robotics this year, finished their competition with an extremely competent 8-2 record, putting them in 11th place among the 90 teams in their division.

The second part of the competition involves choosing three-team alliances for the elimination rounds. The top eight teams get to pick their alliances, but if the top teams choose each other, teams beyond the eighth spot get to choose, too. The TA team was faced with a conundrum: accept a pick from the number six team, or wait and pick its own alliance from strong, lower-ranked teams like itself. This felt like the dilemma faced by Walter Donovan in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when the Grail Knight asks him to choose the Holy Grail from the assortment of goblets. Like Donovan, the TA team “chose … poorly.”

Accepting the pick from the sixth place team, from Elkhorn, Nebraska, and joined by a lower team from Fr. Lauderdale, FL (there is a complex round-robin process for choosing), they competed valiantly, but were defeated in the quarterfinals.

So, TA's team 4886a will have to settle for being among the top one percent of all teams in the world. Congratulations, Matt and Frank!

A new competition was unveiled at Worlds, and students are already thinking and scheming about how to solve this new challenge. Frank has even asked if he can bring his robot home (to China!) over break so he can work on it there. TA students truly do roam the earth, and they want to keep learning all year long.

Meanwhile, Matt is planning his future as a mechanical engineering student at Vermont Tech next fall, and competing in VEX college robotics with his former teammate, Owen Marshall, TA ’13. Owen, representing the University of Vermont, was also at Worlds, and his team made it to the semi-finals this year in college competition, (surpassing his quarter finals elimination last year). Owen is majoring in computer science at UVM.

Thank you to all of the generous community members who contributed to this effort. We really appreciate it! For any others who would like to make any kind of contribution, we can be reached at Thetford Academy, Attn: Robotics, PO Box 190, Thetford, VT, 05074, with checks made out to Thetford Academy. You will get a tax letter and our profound thanks. (Marc Chabot; 05.03.15; photos by Tracy Borst)

Something for Everyone

Thetford Academy sponsors a variety of co-curricular activities in addition to its academic curriculum. We encourage students to participate in these opportunities to expand their talents, interests, and skills. Students may also propose new activities, according to procedures outlined in the Student Handbook. All school-sponsored activities have an adult advisor or coach and access to school funding, although many also engage in community fundraising to support their programs.

For more information on the teams, clubs, and organizations listed below, students may consult their teacher/advisors, the Dean of Students, or coaches and advisors of the activities.

On campus clubs include:

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