Technical Education

Three credits will be granted for successful completion of a one-year technical program. Any incoming junior or senior student is eligible to apply for admission to all programs offered at River Bend Career and Technical Center, or some programs at Hartford Area Career and Technology Center. Most courses are offered in a two-year sequence. The second year is a continuation of the first year but offers advanced work and some specialization. All two-year programs offer one embedded credit toward graduation requirements in English, science, math, art, or social studies. Technical Center portfolios and other samples of students’ best work may be submitted as evidence of meeting Thetford Academy Graduation Standards.

Upon successful completion of the first and second levels of a career program which is eligible for six credits, a student will receive five credits in the career program and one credit in the embedded academic area, as indicated in the following program descriptions.

For students attending a Pre-Technical program, an additional one-credit reduction may be available following petition and review. The Counseling Department and Dean of Academics will make the decision on such matters. Recent Thetford Academy graduates have been offered admission to the following technical programs and colleges:

• Baran Institute of Technology

• New Hampshire Technical Institute

• Culinary Institute of America

• New Hampshire Community Technical College

• DigiPen Institute of Technology

• New York Institute of Technology

• French Culinary Institute

• Ohio Technical College

• Full Sail University

• Paul Smith’s College

• Johnson & Wales University

• Pennsylvania College of Technology

• Lincoln College of Technology

• Universal Technical Institute

• Michael’s School of Hair Design

• University of Northwestern Ohio

• New England Culinary Institute

• Vermont Technical College

• New England Institute of Technology

• White Mountains Community College

• New England School of Hair Design