Thetford Academy Annual Fund

Gifts to the Annual Fund –- your yearly gifts to TA –- have an immediate impact on scholarship, academic programs, student life and campus upkeep.

Your dollars will be put to work immediately to improve the educational experience of all students at TA. Your gift will touch every aspect of the school, from classrooms to computer labs to special clubs. Donors to the Annual Fund make our curriculum richer, our technology swifter and more secure, our libary collection stronger and our range of options wider.

This year's Annual Fund will support many things, including:

Performing Arts

The collective power of all Annual Fund gifts – both large and small – makes every gift important.

You can mail your gift to:

Thetford Academy
PO Box 190
Thetford, VT 05074

or call Sarah Clarke in the Advancement Office at 802-785-2600

Thank you for your generosity.