Board Policies

A. Board Operations

A1.Board Member Conflict of Interest

A20.Board Meeting Agenda Preparation and Distribution (Formerly C1)

A21. Public Participation at Board Meetings. (Formerly C3)

A22. Board Commitment to Non-Discrimination (Formerly C6_C6R)

A30.Role and Adoption of Board Policies

A31.Trustee Code of Conduct (Formerly B3.R)

A33.School Visits by Board Members (Formerly C4)

A34. Board Relations with School Personnel (Former C5)

A40.Code of Conduct for Town Representative Members (Formerly B3.R2)

A41.Board Meetings (Formerly C2)

A42.Appointed Trustee Committee Membership (Formerly C2.R)

B. Personnel

B2.Volunteers and Work Study Students (Formerly D7)

B3.Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

B4.Drug & Alcohol Testing Transportation Employees

B5.Harassment of Employees (Formerly D12)

B6.HIPAA Compliance

B7.Tobacco Prohibition

B20-R.Procedures for Hiring (Formerly D1R)

B40.Procedures for Conducting Negotiations (Formerly D2)

B41.Hiring of Athletic Coaches (Formerly D14)

B42.Professional Licensure (Formerly D15)

C. Students

C1.Education Records

C2.Student Drugs & Alcohol


C4.Limited English Proficiency

C5.Weapons Policy

C6.Participation of Home Study Students in School Programs and Activities (formerly F23)

C7.Student Attendance

C8.FERPA (formerly F5R)

C9.Wellness Policy

C10.Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying

C20.Student Conduct and Discipline (formerly F1)

C23.Student Clubs and Activities (formerly F11)

C24.Athletics (formerly F12)

C25.Admissions of Day Students

C27.Student Publications (formerly F15)

C30.Procedure for Medication in Schools (formerly F6)

C32.Eighteen Year-Old Students (formerly F18)

C60.Bus Discipline (formerly F2)

C65.Open Campus (formerly F26)

C66.Diversity (formerly F28)

D. Instruction

D1.Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements

D2.Grade Advancement: Promotion, Retention & Acceleration

D3.Responsible Use of Technology

D5.Animal Dissection (formerly G13)

D6.Class Size

D21.Instructional Support Team (formerly G7)

D40.Use of Copyrighted Work (formerly G2)

D41.Sample Procedures for Implementing Copyright Policy (formerly G2-R)

D42.School Sponsored International Trips (formerly G3)

E. School-Community Relations

F. Non-Instructional Operations

F1.Travel Reimbursement

F20. Fiscal Management and General Financial Accountability (formerly E1)

F21.Financial Reports and Statements (formerly E3)

F30. Budgeting (formerly E2)

F40. Investment Policy and Guidelines (formerly E10)

F41. Improvements to Buildings, Grounds and Facilities (formerly E13)

F42. Financial Structure of Thetford Academy (formerly E14)

F43. Gift Acceptance and Stewardship Policy (formerly E15)