Technical Programs

Any incoming junior or senior students are eligible to apply for admission to all programs offered at River Bend Career and Technical Center and some programs at Hartford Career and Technology Center. Most courses are offered in a two-year sequence. The second year is a continuation of the first year but offers advanced work and some specialization. All two-year programs offer one "embedded credit" toward graduation requirements in English, science, math, or social studies. Embedded credit means that the program includes applied study of a particular academic field of knowledge along with the technical study.

Upon successful completion of the first and second levels of a career program eligible for eight (8) credits, a student will receive seven (7) credits in the career program and one (1) credit in the embedded academic areas, as indicated in the following program descriptions.

For students attending four years of high school, TA will grant four (4) credits for each year a student completes in a two-year Technical Center program. (The fourth credit per year will be granted automatically at conclusion of a two-year program.) Three (3) credits will be granted for completion of an one-year program. For students attending a Pre-Voc program, a fourth credit may be available following petition and review. The Guidance Department will make a recommendation in each case to the Department Coordinators, whose decision shall be final.

Vocational Majors at Technical Vocational Centers

(leading to vocational/technical schools, the military or the work force)

Students may apply for admission to River Bend (Oxbow) or Hartford Technical Vocational Center at the end of their sophomore year at the Academy. If accepted, they spend their junior and senior years taking a full morning of work at the center and an afternoon at the Academy. At graduation, a student receives certification in a vocational area as well as a high school diploma from the Academy.