Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a total of 24 credits in order to receive their Diploma. These credits must be distributed as follows:

  • English: 4 credits: ninth and tenth grade English plus at least one elected credit each year in eleventh and twelfth grades
  • Mathematics: 3 credits and proficiency test to meet Mathematics Competency
    Standard, completed between May in junior year and end of April in senior year
  • Social Studies: 3 credits, which include 1 credit from History 9, U.S. History to
    1900, and 20th Century History
  • Science: 3 credits, including Conceptual Physical Science, Biology, and one additional course
  • Physical Education: 1 1/2 credits and Health: 1/2 credit (Class of 2010 and beyond)
  • Arts: 1 credit, in any of the following: Art, Chorus, Band, Instrumental Music, Drama, Design Technology
  • Credit for Career and Technical Center Programs:
    For students attending four years of high school, TA will grant four (4) credits for
    each year a student completes in a two‑year Technical Center program. (The fourth credit per year will be granted automatically at conclusion of a two‑year program.) Three (3) credits will be granted for completion of a one‑year program.
    For students attending a Pre‑Technical program, a fourth credit may be available
    following petition and review. The Guidance Department will make a recommendation in each case to the Department Coordinators, whose decision shall be final.

TAGS - Thetford Academy Graduation Standards

Beginning with the Class of 2013 students will be meeting a higher level of challenge in a new program called TAGS: the Thetford Academy Graduation Standards.  We’re setting these standards to make sure students develop core skills that are essential for successful thinking, working, and further learning. We want students to see clearly what they need to learn and take active responsibility for their education.  

The TAGS Manual sets out the purposes and expectations for ninth-grade students this year, as they begin the early high school level of this work.