Academic Program & Curriculum

This section of Thetford Academy's website provides information on the Academy's academic curriculum -- first, an account of how the curriculum has been revised to align with Vermont's Framework, then information on diploma requirements, credits, and other academic policies. By selecting items from the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can view details on all of the Academy's academic departments and courses, read an account of the Academy's assessment programs and summaries of recent results; and learn about the impressive academic achievements of TA students.

Every course at TA also has a syllabus, or course outline, that defines its specific expectations and methods. Each syllabus gives course objectives (what students should know and be able to do if they complete the course successfully), major topics and their sequence (the organization of the study), assessment procedures (ways students will show what they know and how they will be evaluated), and resources (the books, equipment, and other materials student will use to learn). Students receive the syllabus at the start of each course. Also, the syllabus for each course will soon be posted on this website. Meanwhile, copies of every syllabus are available from the school office, or from individual teachers. The syllabi will reflect the alignment of our courses with Vermont's Framework, in more detail than the summaries in the Curriculum Guide can provide. If you want to know more about expectations and learning opportunities in any TA course, please ask to see its syllabus.