At Thetford Academy, students take responsibility for using their minds well. They are challenged to develop skills in inquiry and problem solving, to become proficient readers and writers, to express ideas clearly and creatively, and to appreciate the value of public service.

Thetford Academy is committed to diversity and strives to build, maintain, and promote a culture of equity and inclusion. The curriculum challenges students to examine issues of diversity and encourages them to engage in active learning. Students reflect critically on social problems as they develop the skills to succeed in an environment where diversity is acknowledged, respected, and celebrated.

Thetford Academy Student Data (2015-2016 Academic Year)

  • Grades 7-12
  • Student body: 312
  • 65 percent from Thetford, VT
  • 32 percent from Strafford, Hartland, Corinth, Topsham, Sharon, Brownsville, Orange, Washington, Tunbridge, and Norwich, VT, and Lyme and Hanover, NH
  • 3 percent international students
  • Boys: 51 percent
  • Girls: 49 percent
  • Average combined SAT (2015): 1414
  • Average combined SAT of top quintile (2015): 1785
  • Average combined SAT of first through third quintiles (2015): 1635
  • Average class size (2015): 12 students
  • Percentage taking one or more classes for college credit at Dartmouth prior to graduation (2015):  18 percent
  • Percentage taking pre-calculus or calculus prior to graduation (2015):  39 percent
  • Percentage taking French or Spanish levels 3 to 5 prior to graduation (2015): 54 percent
  • Percentage co-enrolled in a technical school (River Bend or Hartford) (2015): 14 percent
  • Percentage of members of class of 2015 who applied to college/university: 80 percent