Trail Crew 2017 Undertakes Summer Project

Trail Crew 2017 Undertakes Summer Project

The TA 2017 Trail Crew enjoyed hot and dry weather for a week of work in the woods on June 12-16.

Students Frank Loveland, Tad Darrah, Ryan Pepe, Sachin Rampersaud, Emma Thorburn, and Gabe Gaetz, and Design Technology faculty member Chris Schmidt, with the help of new Thetford Outdoor Program (TOP) coordinator Scott Ellis, braved the heat, ticks, and black flies to improve the trail system behind the school.

In addition to performing annual maintenance, the crew completed several major projects. They built a bridge on the Fireplace Loop Trail and posted additional trail signs.

They then worked on the Upper Trail just west of the varsity soccer field, channeling seasonal streams in two wet areas and building a quarter-mile new trail to bypass the steepest section.

With blue blazes and several new signs along the route, this half mile of trail connects the soccer field to the upper and lower picnic areas in the Thetford Hill State Park.

If you are looking for a nice walk in the woods, head west from the far (north) end of the upper soccer field on the newly improved Upper Trail. You can return along any section of the Woods Trail from the State Park access road. The trail crew ended the week with a rainy hike up Mount Cube on Friday, June 16.