May Student of the Month: Moriah Hammond

May Student of the Month: Moriah Hammond

TA’s May Student of the Month strongly exemplifies the spirit of community that we value here, specifically commitment to her class and peers, participation in school life and activities, and academic excellence. Despite being a newcomer to the Pantherdome, Moriah Hammond has made a big impression on our school.

Madame Heinzmann comments, “She has dived right in during her year with us, including doing some important work on behalf of the senior class.” Mr. Deffner writes, “In describing Moriah’s approach to school, one word comes to mind: courageous. To be brand new to a school at any point is not easy, but to join a new school as a senior is perhaps a student’s greatest fear. Moriah, however, was more than equal to the challenge. She immediately invested herself in the life of the school. Her approach to Senior English might be described as enthusiastic, engaged, insightful, and even salty at times––especially when the topic is The Scarlet Letter. What a great addition to the Class of 2017!”

Moriah has contributed significantly to the arts program as well. Ray Chapin explains, “Moriah exhibited a terrific range in both comic and dramatic roles in the Fall Play and Ten-Minute Play Festival. In addition, her work on the set for Rumors was invaluable. Moriah also volunteered to work on the set for Starmites, the spring musical. Both directors are grateful for her dedication to the TA theater program.” In the visual arts, Moriah showed commitment, curiosity and brave risk taking as she explored techniques and content in her art work that pushed the boundaries of comfort and allowed her to grow.

And school is all about growth. Moriah’s positive outlook and energy has not only benefitted her, but those around her. Mark Pichette’s comments echo this. He says, “She is honest, caring, and intelligent. These qualities are apparent in interactions with her. Moriah is the kind of student who exudes an aura of compassion and gentleness when she is your presence. She is sensitive and tuned in to the world around her with absolutely no pretense, a strong advocate for both herself and those around her, and with a distinct sense of right and wrong.”

Courageous. Committed. Honest. Caring. Attributes to look for in a Student of the Month, yes, but also in a trusted friend or a future leader. And let’s not forget the importance of “salty”…

TA is a better place this year since Moriah decided to be a Panther for her senior year. Blue suits you, Moriah. Congratulations on being named Student of the Month for May 2017!