June Student of the Month: Hallie Zens

June Student of the Month: Hallie Zens

June’s Student of the Month, junior Hallie Zens, is an asset to Thetford Academy in and beyond the classroom. She is an exceptionally curious and thoughtful student. In science, she asks fantastic questions and often starts sentences with the words, “It’s so amazing that…” She finds wonder in the way the world and the people in it function and interact.

Señoras Brettell and Chambers, who have travelled with Hallie on two foreign trips, echo that sentiment, stating that Hallie possesses all the qualities of a great world traveler. “She is open-minded, energetic and genuinely seeks to broaden her world through interaction with other cultures and peoples.”

In history class, Hallie has demonstrated the tenacity and determination necessary to transform a good idea into a well documented and beautifully written research paper. She approaches her work with great enthusiasm, and this helps to carry her classmates along.

When it comes to theater, most people at TA know that Hallie is both talented and passionate. Whether she’s choreographing dance numbers and singing in the musical, acting in Rumors and Amelia, Once More, or volunteering as the Stage Manager for Starmites, Hallie tackles everything with good humor and genuine kindness toward her peers. She consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of her, and her presence and participation enhance not only the overall productions but each person’s individual experience as well.

In every class, teachers have praise for Hallie’s meticulous attention to detail. When she is given an assignment, she makes a point of reading the directions, (How many of us can always say that?), asking clarifying questions, and then working diligently to produce excellent work. She is, without question, someone who embodies the maxim that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Hallie has also played a key part in the success of our last two Mr. TA Pageants, co-directing, choreographing, and magically coaxing an entertaining group dance out of a cast of people who are definitely not dancers. Hallie demonstrates the best qualities of a student leader—she is kind, positive, and hardworking and cares deeply about her community.

Congratulations to Thetford Academy’s June Student of the month, Hallie Zens.