TA Blood Drive Provides 28 Pints of Much-Needed Blood

TA Blood Drive Provides 28 Pints of Much-Needed Blood

Thanks to a host of volunteer organizers and blood donors, the Student Council sponsored a very successful Red Cross Blood Drive at TA on Friday, May 5, collecting 28 pints of blood from 26 donors.

“A special thanks to our donors,” said event organizer, Student Council advisor, and social studies teacher Kelly Welsh, “especially the staff, community members, and students who contributed time, snacks, and most importantly much needed blood, right before the time of year when the need rises and the supply diminishes.”

Cathee Clement and Nancy Lindahl were instrumental in assisting with the Blood Drive: “We couldn’t have done it without their help,” Welsh said. School nurse Sue Farrell and Dean of Students Siobhan Lopez “provided much needed logistical support,” Buildings and Grounds personnel Jon Brown and Mike Wells “made sure things were set up and broken down, and the PE department graciously shared their space,” Welsh noted.

Students who played a key part in organizing the drive included Student Council members Grace Clement, Hannah Davis, Abby Berard, Eamon Deffner, Casey MacVeigh, Namiya Benjamin,  Caleb McNeil, Tate Whitberg, and Reshma Rampersaud.  In addition, students Hannah Harkins, Ella Ziegler, Ella Farrell-Starr, and Kate Vaughan assisted.

“Thank you so much to you and your school for hosting us last Friday,” said Nick Mudgett, Account Manager of the New Hampshire American Red Cross Blood Services. “With every pint having the potential to save up to three lives, this blood drive could impact over 75 people! The most impressive part to me is that we had 15 first time donors. This is a great number and hopefully the pleasant and convenient experience your students and staff created will encourage them to become lifetime donors.”

“We rely on high schools so much to keep the blood banks stocked in this country,” Mudgett said, noting that 3o percent of all the nation’s blood “comes from high schools just like yours!”