Malcolm Silver-Van Meter Named April Student of the Month

Malcolm Silver-Van Meter Named April Student of the Month

Several years ago, when he was but a Panther cub, our April Student of the Month was given the “Rock the Boat” award, in recognition that he is a true original; and in the past few years, he has consistently demonstrated how the courage to follow one’s own path pays off.

Now a junior, this student leader shines in the classroom, in athletics and on the stage. He is a man of many talents, and many initials: MQSVM, better known as Malcolm Quinn Silver-Van Meter, is also at times a man of many words, which he most recently demonstrated with a record-setting 75-page history paper outline. In history, as in his other classes, Malcolm demonstrates a tremendous curiosity, along with a determination to say something meaningful and to say it well. As a result, his writing is truly a joy to read. In his sophomore anthology, Malcolm produced what Mr. Deffner described as a “work of art.” Malcolm “is one of those students who looks at the world with a sense of wonder, seeing the many possibilities life offers.  And so, while some might say that doing an anthology that incorporates the level of detail of Malcolm’s anthology would be tedious, I am sure that Malcolm would say, ‘It was fun.’ That kind of optimism, energy and enthusiasm is infectious,” writes Mr. Deffner.

His teachers report that Malcolm is a pleasure to teach and to coach. He was the boys’ captain of this year’s cross-country team and will assume this role again in his senior year. He sets high standards for himself; and on those rare occasions when he falls short of the mark, he looks at his performance with a critical eye, accepts responsibility, and resolves to do better next time.

Malcolm’s contributions to the performing arts at TA have been exceptional. Mr. Chapin reports that in Fall Play class, Malcolm excelled in both tragic and comedic roles.  As the father in Eurydice, and as Lenny in Rumors, Malcolm created completely different, yet wholly believable characters through total commitment and dedication. Malcolm continued to work beyond the classroom to establish traits unique to the character he was playing. In last year’s musical, Malcolm also exhibited strong singing and dancing skills.  As a student director in last year’s play festival, Malcolm worked effectively with peers to stage a compelling production of Nothing is Your Decision. It can be difficult to direct fellow students, but Malcolm has the necessary traits needed for a good director: he is patient, respectful, and has a clear artistic vision.

Finally, some of Malcolm’s most memorable performances have taken place at the past three Mr. TA Pageants, where each winter since his freshman year, Malcolm has shared his musical and dramatic talents, delighted sold-out crowds, and has singlehandedly raised hundreds of dollars to help less fortunate kids in Rwanda to go to high school. Malcolm makes great contributions to our school community, and we are happy to honor this special young man.

Congratulations to Malcolm Silver-Van Meter, Thetford Academy’s April 2017 Student of the Month.