TA 7th Graders Visit Washington D.C.

TA 7th Graders Visit Washington D.C.

Just as the sun was coming up on sleepy Thetford Hill on the morning of April 10, 35 TA 7th graders, six chaperones, and TA’s trusty bus driver, Patrick, pulled out of Thetford Academy and began the 10+ hour drive to Washington D.C. The bus was filled with excitement and anticipation. A couple of movies, a few rounds of bingo, some highway rest stops, and 500 miles later, the TA crew made it to the nation’s capital.

Over the next three days, the 7th graders got a glimpse into our country’s rich history as they explored the historic city. The first day was filled with a guided tour of many memorials and monuments, including a tour of the White House, lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl, and a visit to the Museum of Natural History. That evening the group took in a fun, audience-led show at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

On day two, students learned about the history of the Arlington National Cemetery. They viewed the  Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and four TA students participated in a wreath-laying ceremony. After a picnic lunch just outside the Capitol, TA lightened the mood with a Duck Boat tour of the city and the Potomac River. The group wrapped up their day cheering on the Washington Nationals as they played the St. Louis Cardinals at Nationals Park.

The final full day in D.C. was a busy one. Students dropped off a donation to local non-profit Martha’s Table, then headed across the city for a tour of the Capitol building and a surprise stop at the National Mall’s historic merry-go-round. They then made a difficult but important visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Students concluded their day with a fun tour through Alexandria, VA, complete with local ghost stories.

On Friday morning, the students, chaperones and Patrick loaded up the bus once again to begin the long journey home. Before leaving the District, they made one final stop at the Jefferson Memorial. A few more movies, some time to reflect on their experience, a couple more rounds of bingo, and everyone safely arrived back in Thetford.

Click here to view a small sampling of photos from the wonderful trip.