January Student of the Month: Hannah Harkins

January Student of the Month: Hannah Harkins

No one has a wider smile nor is more upbeat than our January Student of the Month. This panther is sincere and a friend to all. Her enthusiasm, kindness, and optimism draw others to her. Since she arrived at Thetford Academy as a ninth grader, she has brightened many days.

Hannah Harkins is known as a hard worker in class.  All of her teachers note that she is perhaps the most positive panther at TA.  Coach Weigel reports that she “approaches each day and experience with unbridled enthusiasm, and her positive attitude is contagious to all around her.” Karyn Neubauer says, “She has a creative, open mind, and because of this, was able to experiment and push through doubt, making impressive works of art. I admire her willingness to stick with a visual problem until she’s satisfied.”  Madame Heinzmann wants Hannah to know that class just seems better when she is around.  While math is not her favorite subject, the teachers in the math department have seen her work hard and at least pretend that mathing isn’t too painful.

Our student of the month shines in athletics as well.  That fact is unsurprising when you learn that Hannah can walk and hula-hoop at the same time!  Coaches Weigel and Deffner each mention the respect she has earned from her peers and her coaches.  As Mr. Deffner said at the fall sports awards night, “Hannah does everything with grit and grace.  She’s a competitor in the very best sense of the word and someone who strives to get better every single day.”  Her hard work and dedication have made her the current Thetford Academy record holder in the long jump, triple jump and decathlon.

Perhaps most importantly, Hannah is a good citizen of the world.  Kelly Welsh notes that “through her contributions to the Mr. TA Pageant, she has demonstrated the power of each one of us to make the world a better place.”

Simply said, Hannah puts the “heart” in Hartland, her hometown. She will be missed next year in our hallways, on the fields, and on the trails. We are proud to honor Hannah Harkins as the Thetford Academy Student of the month for January 2017. Congratulations, Hannah!