Founders’ Day 2016

Founders’ Day 2016

THERE WAS NO SNOW for the 73rd annual Founders’ Day on Friday, Feb. 5, but despite the warmer weather, or perhaps because of it, TA students were terrific in every way, and their creativity and ingenuity was inspiring. The theme this year was “Book Series.” Each class, grades 7 through 12, created their murals, banners, costumes and crowns, cakes, centerpieces, floats, and “snow” sculptures based on the following book series:

  • 12th – Lord of the Rings
  • 11th – Hunger Games
  • 10th – Harry Potter
  • 9th – Chronicles of Narnia
  • 8th – Divergent
  • 7th – Percy Jackson

As Mr Bugg said to the students during the opening part of the program, “You built some pretty incredible floats of lions and garlands, fashioned some amazing costumes of dragons and elves, wrote some deliciously irreverent scripts poking fun at Mr. Niederhauser and me, painted murals of Voldermort and Saruman, decorated cakes with spells and incantations, carved out of ice both altars and idols, and thoroughly put your creative talents to work.” And it was all very, very good.

In the end, the grades that were supposed to win (that is, the older kids) carried the day: seniors squeaked by the juniors in the upper division by the score of 629-623, sophomores overcame the freshmen 729-692, and 8th graders defeated the 7th graders 692-666 – but all our students competed valiantly and had a great deal of fun in the process.

On the evening of Feb. 5, nearly seven out of every ten TA students were on hand for the third annual Founders’ Night, featuring dancing, Karaoke, board games, chocolate fondu and pizza, a photo booth, a scavenger hunt, and other games and activities Pictured above are members of the senior class working on their Lord of the Rings banner.